AKC Puppy Star Program 

STAR stands for Socialization, Training, Activity and a Responsible owner


Puppies under 6 months of age learn:

Free of aggression toward people, free of aggression toward other puppies, tolerates collar or body harness of owner’s choice, owner can hug or hold puppy (depending on size), puppy allows owner to take away a treat or toy, allows (in any position) petting by a person other than the owner, grooming-allows owner handling and brief exam (ears, feet), walks on a Leash-Follows owner on lead in a straight line (15 steps), walks by other people-Walks on leash past other people 5-ft away, sits on command-Owner may use a food lure, Down on command-Owner may use a food lure, comes to owner from 5-ft when name is called, Reaction to Distractions-distractions are presented 15-ft away, Stay on leash with another person (owner walks 10 steps and returns)

Classes are 6 weeks in length and cost $ 150.00.

Classes are held at Pet Supermarket 6857 N 9th Avenue, Pensacola, FL